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DSTV Installations

DSTV decoder installation by use of approved equipment, and correct alignment of the satellite dish.

TV Mounting / Extraview setup

Why have your flat screen TV take up space on your floor when you can have it wall mounted and out of the way!

Fire Detection Installation

We use newer more effective equipment that may save time and money in maintenance by being programmed to self-report failures.

Sales, repairs and upgrades

Get affordable DSTV sales, repairs and upgrades.

DSTV relocations & multiview setups

Are you relocating and you need your DSTV re-installed? We have you covered.

Reception problems

Many picture faults may begin to appear, especially if you have just bought a new digital TV or set-top box.

Gate Automation

We provide easy to use hassle free automatic gate systems.

Clearview Fencing

Clearview fences act as access control by helping security and staff to control and direct both the flow of people and vehicles through designated entrances.

CCTV Installation

CCTV installations including IP cameras, wireless networking solutions and configuring DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).

Solar Panel Systems

We do installations for residential or commercial customers. The roof is the best location for solar panel installation.

Electric Fencing

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary.

Garage Door Motors

Forget the bother and effort of having to lift heavy doors: with Nice, you can open and close your garage door hassle-free.

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